This template will be good for all the other pages, except your home page

To add a picture on your page, use the following code (that you can see in your html editor) make a nice border around it (by adding 2px more than the width of your picture) and to add a caption under it.

If you want the picture on the left and text around it on the right, you will use the class "picture left" and for the other way "picture right"

video clip

This is the way to add a picture

Just enter the rest of your content like this and it will fill around the image either on the right or the left depending on the code you enter.

Just follow the instructions above and you will be fine.

If you want to center the picture without text around it, you will use div align="center" instead

this is an h2 subtitle

And this is an h3 sub titles on your page

Use this code for a list

  • Item one
  • Item two
  • and so on

a necessary link back to home and/or your t2 if this is a t3